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Delta Performance Softball started as an idea between three best friends.

In the winter of 2017, Kristen Brown, Sammy Marshall and Shelby Turnier planned how they would elevate the game of softball together; initially in the Chicagoland area, and eventually around the nation. The trio needed to find a name that encompassed their dedication to the work ahead. Alas, Delta Performance Softball was born.


More than just a name – Delta Performance Softball signifies an idea that the young women who come to train with us will develop and elevate their abilities which, in turn, will translate to their performance on the field. Delta, the Greek word for change, and symbolized by a triangle, encompasses our main goal: the three of us bring change in the performance of the young women we work with (three points in a triangle). Delta Performance Softball’s logo includes a variation of the delta symbol with the left side open and an additional point at the top. The open side signifies an openness to change while the additional point stands for moving forward - the progress that is being made.


Today, Sammy and Shelby move forward with Delta Performance Softball Corporation. As a pair they provide unmatched instruction on pitching, defense, hitting and slapping. The two played for NCAA Division I mid-major programs, in different conferences, on some of the best teams in the country. Marshall and Turnier have played different positions (short stop, center field, and pitcher) and both have coached at the collegiate level.

Delta Performance Softball prides itself on the fact that all instruction is given by current or former professional softball players.

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